Since 2002, teachers and education workers in Ontario’s public high schools, elementary schools and universities have published and shared their ideas on how to ensure that public education helps our children reach their full potential. These ideas originate with teachers and education workers who have daily contact with students and are developed by seasoned educators and advocates for public education.

Over the years, many of the ideas have been adopted by Ontario’s government and real progress has been made.

“Our Students. Our Future.” is designed to encourage continued discussion of the key issues affecting the quality of public education in Ontario. Our goal is to ensure that parents, government, schools, teachers and educational workers continue to work together to make positive changes so that public education works for Ontario.

The success of our students will shape the future of Ontario. We must equip them with the knowledge, attitude, skills and sense of community they need to be successful and we need for a vibrant and strong Ontario. Our goal is to send them out into the world with confidence, ready and able to make a real contribution. OSSTF/FEESO members have a plan to make this happen and ensure that public education works for Ontario.

  1. Provide every student with a broad range of learning opportunities.
  2. Give every student a strong understanding of what it means to be a good citizen.
  3. Enable every student to make a contribution to our society and economic future.
  4. Make our schools the hub of involved and caring communities.

Public Education works for Ontario.